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Re: No numbers in the VMS

On 30 Oct 2001, at 11:37, Zachary Owen wrote:

> I seem to recall someone stating that there were no numbers
> found in the VMS, I'm not too sure about letter frequencies, so I was
> wondering how this conclusion was reached.

I had a look at the word patterns in EVA and could not find any 
obvious  EVA characters behaving exclusively as roman characters.

This assumed: 
1. numbers from I to III should appear at least once 
2. the transcription was correct 
3. the eva alphabet is the correct coding of the vms 
4. the numbers were written as single words 
5. the numbers were coded with a simple substitution (not 
considering equivalent characters),  

I can repost the text, otherwise it may be found in the mail achive 
(around 1998?).

Also note that some EVA characters are very close to arabic 
numerals: r~2, l=mediaeval 4, d=8. This prompted Dennis Mardle 
to suggest that <olld> in folio f66r.23 could mean 1448.