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Re: VMS -- Botany (f05v) Hidden Images

 Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2001 22:40:16 -0800
 From: Dana F. Scott <dfscott@xxxxxxxxxxx>
 Subject: VMS -- Botany (f05v) Hidden Images
 additional flowers (crowns?), three stems leading into the roots (3
 legs?), and what might the stylized drawing of the roots represent?

Hi Dana & all :-) 

THREE (3) is also established in 11r (top bottom) and in 16r.
Mirrored in 33v (bottom top) &? "oddly snipped" in roots of 52r.. 

T H R E E,  ( 3 ) Up & Down / Down & Up ??? "to_ot__GRAFTING" ???

Good EYE there - needs some "RElooking" at!
steve (I'm betting for the ROOTs UP?) ekwall