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Re: Excellent book on medieval herbals...

Hello Nick,
     I sincerely appreciate all the help I can get to identify the herbals in the
VMS. As it turns out I was very interested in Minta Collins's book and already
purchased a copy. It is a very elegant book; however, so far I haven't seen much
that has been helpful in identifying the plants in the VMS. Thank you again for
your support.

Dana Scott

Nick Pelling wrote:

> Hi everyone (and especially Dana),
> I've just had this book recommended by Dr Cathleen Hoeniger:-
>          "Medieval Herbals : the Illustrative Traditions" by Minta Collins,
>          published by British Library Publishing (London, 2000).
> (...it's the second one down on this page...)
>          http://www.bl.uk/services/publishing/interest2.html
> More description is here:-
>          http://www.medievalbookstore.com/medieval_herbals.htm
> Also: a quick web-trawl threw up another related article by the same author:-
>          Mélanges "Genève et l'Italie", Volume III
>          Minta Collins "Tractatus de herbis. L'herbier médiéval d'origine
> italienne"
> Cheers, .....Nick Pelling......