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Re: 4o...

On Tue, 20 Nov 2001, Nick Pelling wrote:

> (2) The definition of "quarto" I found on the Internet is "a book made from 
> sheets folded twice, giving signatures of four leaves (eight pages)". Could 
> it be actually be an indication that symbols following it relate to 
> code-words on a page elsewhere in the VMS that has been folded twice (ie 

perhaps something like: "see page 12" ?

On the one hand, "too obvious", on the other, why not use a symbol, even
a well known one? Books today (dictionaries, for example) often use an
arrow to mean "see another entry". Perhaps we should look around in the
VMS for other symbols which might be pointers, comparing them with similar
things in known mss -- I don't know if such things existed.


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