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Re: Czech pronounciation

My two cents worth...

Jim Reeds wrote:

> Indeedy yes! When I studied Latin in school in the US the public
> school students would have said "Markee" and the Catholic school
> students would have said "Marchee". Now I think most Catholic
> schools in the US have dropped the "Italian" pronunciation.

Markee, I learned in a Catholic school. The 'ch' variant was usually
called 'Erasmian' and it seems possible that this was the fashion
in Marci's days as well.

In Prague, all Czechs we met last year called him Martsy, as in
the modern Czech pronounciation.
His full name was of course Johannes Marcus Marci.
His Czech name was Jan Marek, but now I don't know if this Marek
is the 'Marcus' or the 'Marci'. The former makes more sense since
Marek is the common name 'Mark'.
Perhaps Rafal's 'Marku' is the genitive (or other) of Marek?

Cheers, Rene