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VMS=Code Book cipher

Dear all,
I want to check if the VMS is possibly a code book cipher. I wrote a small
awk-script to analyse the VMS and split all "words" in at least on beginning
and a possible middle-part and an ending. The result is remarkable:
Unique beginnings are about 480 , mid-parts 275 and endings are about 113.
IMHO the balance between beginnings and endings is not optimal. It seems the
vocabulary is not big enough and we got to many variations.
But: these numbers are variable and what I want to know what are the
proportions codebook ciphers (if there are known) or what are proportions
for natural languages (like a dictionary). For example in Japanese they have
(AFAIK) about 1845 roots (Common-Tojo-Kanjis)+particles which will also can
be considered as beginnings, a few mid-parts and some more endings
So I think with the proportion between the three parts, a better analysis of
VMS can be made.
My 1st result looks like this:
<f1r.P1.1;F>: f[130]-ya[235]-ys[109] yka[458]-l[132] ar[20]
yta[476]-iin[108] shol[401] shor[402]-y[234] k[136]-r[194]-e[17]
yko[465]-r[194] shol[401]-dy[56]
<f1r.P1.2;F>: sor[412]-y[234] ckh[75]-ar[14] or[259]-y[234] kai[138]-r[194]
chta[73]-iin[108] shor[402] ar[20] ctha[81]-r[194] ctha[81]-r[194]
<f1r.P1.3;F>: sy[416]-aii[4]-r[80] shek[390]-y[234] or[259]
ykai[459]-in[111] shod[399] ctho[84]-ar[14]-y[96] cthe[83]-s[205]
darai[103]-in[111] sy[416]
<f1r.P1.4;F>: oii[212]-n[149] otee[278]-y[234] ote[276]-ar[14]
ro[366]-lo[143]-t[90] ctha[81]-ar[14] daiin[92] okai[215]-in[111] or[259]
<f1r.P1.5;F>: sai[370]-ry[204] chear[37] ctha[81]-iin[108] cph[77]-ar[14]
the number in brackets is the code book number of the start-mid-end
analysis, which was done before.
All the best