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Re: Quire signatures revisited

    > John Grove: I don't think he was - someone else changed the
    > order of the pages after the QS were written.

Yes, we know that from the bathtubs picture in the bio section. 

    > Generally speaking, the QS' follow 1 through 17, with 12 and 16 missing.
    > I'm not sure about the 19 & 20 for two reasons: all the other QS' use the
    > Latin abbreviation for 'us' or even 'mus' following the numeral

Cuiriosity: does the us/mus choice matches the Latin endings?

  Quartus deciMUS
  Quintus deciMUS
  Sextus deciMUS 
  Septimus deciMus
  Octavus deciMUS 
  Nonus deciMUS 
  Vicesimus priMUS
    Vicesimus secundUS ...

    > and 19 & 20 don't.
As numbers get large, ordinals become increasingly cumbersome,
and people tend to switch to cardinals.
Perhaps quire 19 was such a breakpoint?

    > Secondly, all the quire signatures are on the bottom right of
    > the page - except for #20.

    > The purpose behind a QS as far as I know is to tell the person who will bind
    > the manuscript for you what order the folio's go in - and are normally
    > (correct me please if I'm wrong here) evenly and consistently spaced
    > throughout one manuscript (I.e. - if one quire consists of 16 'pages' then
    > all quires should equal 16 'pages if they are part of the same 'book').

But not if the "book" is a gathering of several separate booklets
that were written separately, as seems to be the case here. 

Note that quire sizes are fairly uniform *within each section*:

  herbal 1st:         7 quires, 4 bifolios/quire, 4 pages/bifolio
  zodiac:             3 quires, 1 bifolios/quire, 6 pages/bifolio
  biological:         1 quire,  5 bifolios/quire, 4 pages/bifolio
  herbal 2nd+pharma:  3 quires, 2 bifolios/quire, 6 pages/bifolio (mostly)
  stars:              1 quire,  6 bifolios/quire, 4 pages/bifolio
The 'astro/cosmo' section is the most scattered and the most
non-uniform in terms of binding.

    > Therefore, QS#9 which is oddly placed immediately following QS#8 marker is
    > dramatically out of place - There should be 15 pages in between the two with
    > QS#9 being the final page of that quire - not the first!  What this means is
    > that Quire number nine probably begins with f67r2 (a rather nice title
    > page), followed by f67v2 - then 12 missing pages, then f67v1 and finally
    > f67r1 (dividing the cosmos into 12 sections and immediately preceding the
    > first zodiac section #10).
    > Following this same 'logic', then the QS #10 on f71v1 (Aries dark) should be
    > the final page of Quire 10. This could mean that the first page of Quire 10
    > is Pisces, followed by f70v2 diagram, 12 'other' pages, f70r1, and finishing
    > with f71v1.
    > I realize there seems to be room for a lot of speculation here on what type
    > of material could possibly be filling the void between Pisces and Aries
    > Dark - and why they should be separated from the next rather long series of
    > zodiac pages in Quire 11 - Which I would see as having 8 pages of zodiac and
    > 8 missing pages of 'data' probably surrounding the  'Light Aries and
    > Taurus'.

Ouch, I ran out of synapses at this point. Let me build a paper model...

Anyway, I do agree that the pages were folded, bound, and numbered in
the wrong order. Obviously the person who wrote the numbers could not
read a daiin, and did not look very closely at the images either.

In particular, based on word frequencies and plant images, I think
that 'pharma' was written before 'herbal A', and that 'herbal B' was
written much later --- and/or was based on a very different source.

All the best,