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Jakob Bartschius

Here is a rough translation:
 Kepler went 1626 with the save originals to Ulm, in order to print the
    Tabulae Rudolphinae there , while the  family stayed back in
    Regensburg . After a year the works were eventually done , so far
    that he could visit the the autumn fair in Frankfurt with the first
prints. Later he was able to  present  the table to the imperator  in Prag .

Because of his dire situation  Kepler looked for an employment
    and eventually met  1628   Albrecht von Wallenstein, who offered him an
employment as mathematician (?) in Sagan. He went there the same year.From
this time Kepler could work a little bit more freely : he was able to employ
an assistant: young Jakob Bartsch.
    1629 he could even effort to set up a small printshop and publish
several small works.
    In 1630 Kepler's daughter Susanna married Jakob Bartsch and in the same
year , Kepler last child was born: the daughter  Anna Maria.

The Tabulae Rudolphinae are still in print and available:
Author: KEPLER, Johannes.

Title: Tabulae Rudolphinae quibus Astronomicae Scientiae Temporum
longinquitate collapsae Restauratio continentur.

Publication: Ulm, Jonas Sauer, 1627.

Price: DM58,000            Reference No: BLC:11
($25,550 approx.)


First edition of this classic in the history of science, the completion of
Tycho Brahe's planetary tables, and the last of Kepler's works to appear in
his lifetime. According to Prof. Owen Gingerich, the Tabulae Rudolphinae is
"the chief vehicle for the recognition of [Kepler?s] astronomical
accomplishments." ? DSB, p. 304.

All the best