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Re: Porta's de furtivus literum?

ddhopper wrote:
> Thanks to Clay Holden for his information on the Selenus book.  Can anyone
> tell me where I can buy a copy of Porta's de furtivus literum?

One sold recently on eBay for $1500.  My copy (actually the 1603 reissue,
De Occultis Literarum, but the same words) is at least as not for sale as
Jacques' "Enochian".  It's a lovely book, with little cipher wheels stuck
to the appropriate pages with little dots of glue in the centers.

I'd recommend keeping an eye on www.bibliofind.com -- currently none for sale,
	Jim Gillogly
	18 Rethe S.R. 2001, 00:31, 1 Ix 17 Kayab, Fifth Lord of Night