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Somebody ought to talk to CPART (Center for the Preservation of
Ancient Religious Texts).  They have software that could do stuff
like this in a minute.


Jim Comegys wrote:

> Dear Voynicheros,
> If one of you is computer capable and has a bit of free time, I am doing a
> comparison of duplicates and near duplicates in the VMS, sequences like EVA
> ytchal ytchal and cphor ytchor and the like.  It is slow and dull to search
> these things out visually, does anyone have a program to seek out these?  Or
> better yet a list because maybe you have studied the matter?
> While we are on the matter, where is a good list of every Voynich word and
> its frequency? I can no longer access the old Mik Clarke site.
> Thank you very much, and have a good week-end.
> Jim Comegys, Madera, California