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Re: Porta's de furtivus literum?

At 6:24 PM -0600 3/9/2001, ddhopper wrote:
>Thanks to Clay Holden for his information on the Selenus book.  Can anyone
>tell me where I can buy a copy of Porta's de furtivus literum?

Well, not exactly, but it is included in the microfilm collection
"Witchcraft in Europe and America", which is in many university libraries
(produced by Research Publications, Woodbridge, CT, 1983 - 104 reels of
35mm film!)

On one of the reels is the Porta volume you are looking for.

Somewhere in my library I have a xerox copy of the catalogue of the
collection, but I was unable to find it this evening. If I locate it, I'll
follow up with the reel it appears on. Sorry I can't be of more direct

I know that SF State has the collection (or did ten years ago), and several
libraries in the UC system do as well. It is an amazing collection of
materials, including some very obscure Trithemius materials, and if I
recall correctly, Cardano's work on artificial language. If you care to
write to Research

BTW, given your reference to both Bacon and Selenus, I wonder if you have a
copy of Bowditch's 1910 "Francis Bacon and the Shakespeare First Folio",
which uses Selenus' work to make his argument, and includes some very nice
reproductions from Selenus. If not, drop me a line off-list, and we'll make
arrangements to get you a copy.

Best wishes,