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Re: Jakob Bartsch / Bartschius / Barschius

Jorge Stolfi wrote:
> Sagan and Lauban/Luban are small towns in Silesia (presently part of Germany),

Presently they are part of Poland - the first two maps show
the state in the 19th c. and 1920-30's respectively. The last
one shows the present border.

> http://fuxx.future.easyspace.com/vertreibung/schlesien.htm
> http://feefhs.org/maps/gere/ge-siles.html
> http://www.schlesien.de/TEST/karte/mitte/mw.htm

But at the time of interest to us they were autonomous duchies
with feudal links to the Bohemian Crown (or, to simplify,
one may say they were Czech).

I have checked (no pun intended!) the surname Bartsch in
the LDS (Mormon) genealogical database at:


and it was/is so popular, both in the area and elsewhere
(one in 17th c. Finland!) that drawing any conclusions
on this basis is impossible. Quite a number of
"Georg Bartsch", too - eg. in Wurtemberg. But also
two hits for "Baresch" - 19th c. Pommern and Ostpreussen.

Best regards,