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Re: Paragraph-initial <q>

On 12 Mar 2001, at 9:30, Jorge Stolfi wrote:
> Anyway: in stars and bio, we see a little more than one
> paragraph-initial <q> every 800 tokens. The same ratio seems to hold
> for the pharma section, modulo statistical error. The phenomenon is
> definitely scarce in the herbal, cosmo, and zodiac sections.

Yes, also note that <q> in no-paragraph-starting lines is not rare at 
Regarding the zodiac, the problem is that despite there is text, the 
layout (circles) does not let you see paragraphs.
> Note that the <q>-para-rich sections above are precisely those where
> each topic is likely to span multiple paragraphs.

> Incidentally, the rule against starting a sentence with "and" is a
> modern academicism;

You are quite right.

I wonder whether for those 4 folios starting with <q> one could 
identify which other folios come before (as opposed to the current 
binding) and see whether the end of paragraphs are clear or not 
(i.e. whether there is a space between the last word and the right 
margin). I'll try to check tonight.