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Re: More on label anomalies

> >
> > > p + t = 66.01 %
> > > k + f = 23.64 %
> > >
> > > 2/3rds of the pages begin with a t/p gallows. Isn't that a little
> > > staggering?

I pointed out once that deliberate human attempts at randomness tend to
degrade to forced (conscious) variations on regular (unconscious)
patterns.  That would seem to point to gallows as nulls or some kind of
cryptovariable.  Of course the latter doesn't seem to work in light of
the common endings ain and aiin (unless those are just one letter).  


Starting off with a verb/noun/conjunction/article of a certain case
and/or tense seems more plausible.  Of course the test of that would be
that gallows in labels would probably consist only of a small subset
used to indicate nominative case.  That's actually an interesting
prospect in itself; an isolated group of words we could assume are
probably all nominative-case nouns and very likely to be in singular

Perhaps my logic is just off, I have a high fever and spent all day
reading Stephen Hawking and Terence McKenna.  Time to sleep.