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Re: Initial <q> as a conjunction

Bruce Grant wrote:
> Speaking of languages with initial conjunctions, I believe this is
> common in biblical Hebrew,
> where the conjunction is effectively part of the following word. (This
> is mirrored in the
> King James Version of the Bible with its many sentences like "And the
> Lord said ...".)

Yes but... vav occurs elsewhere, in other roles, namely,
as a letter like any other. Whereas <q> occurs only
word-initially, and almost always followed by <o>.
I know a language that does that even better: Fijian.
In Fijian the syllable "ya" occurs only word-initially,
and "y" is always followed by "a" -- you cannot have
ye, yi, yo, nor yu. The similarity with the VMS breaks
down when you know that Fijian words starting with "a"
are very rare, and are mostly onomatopoeia, or loans
from  other languages and dialects.