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Re: Hello!

"diane.cousteau" wrote:
> Hello everyone!
>             I am relatively new to the list and would like to get a few
> things cleared up: I don't understand EVA! Can someone tell me how to
> translate Voynich into EVA?

Là, c'est un bon commencement:


The Voynich "letters", or rather, what we count as letters,
are there, each as a small gif, each with its counterpart
in five systems:  Bennett, FSG (First Transcription Group),
Currier, Frogguy, EVA.

For more:


But you'll have to download a largish image  (about 100K).

The general principle is: EVA is Frogguy made pronounceable
(eg EVA qotedy is Frogguy 4oqpc89) and Frogguy is as close
a picture of what Voynich letters look like using the Roman
alphabet, digits, and punctuation marks (so that Frogguy
4oqpcdy, 8aii89, etc. look quite like what they are in
the manuscript).

>             Also, where can I find page 1? 

Good question. Isn't that one of the lost pages?

> Has there been an analysis of the ink yet?

Ça, c'est justement la bouteille à l'encre! (Pun
intended). Incredibly, unbelievably, shockingly: NO!
And since the thing is on vellum, you'd think a 
DNA analysis of the skins it was written on might
throw some light on its origin. Eh bien, là non
plus. Rien. Nib d'analyse. As if you'd discovered
a frozen pterodactyl and everybody just ignored it.
(Autant que j'arrête là, sinon je vais me fâcher
tout rouge).