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Re: Roslin Chapel "corn cobs" and "aloe" images

>> Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland for example was built
>> in the 1440's and contains clear, carved representations of corn cobs and
>> aloe.
> Jordan,

> Check your sources for the "corn cobs" and  "aloe"
> images. You may find the writer has a vested interest
> in finding Roslin Chapel more mysterious than it
> actually is. It is a beautiful example of medieval
> mason's art. That is sufficient. If one can fully
> appreciate the beauty of the carvings you will
> find that enough, without needing to add a layer
> of speculative detritus.

Well, I don't know art of that age from a hole in the ground, I do admit
that. But the pictures located at


are hard to explain any other way.

Even if you don't accept the Chapel as evidence of Pre Columbian contact,
there are literally hundreds if not thousands of well documented accounts
(the Vikings most certainly) of pre-Columbian contact.

There's also a very good book on how items that don't fit the accepted
historical record get buried. It's called "Forbidden Archaeology" by Michael
Cremo. Very well documented, runs about $45 to $50 US. It primarily deals
with anthropology, but there are other interesting items. For example a coin
(page 801) with a completely unknown script and a figure representing either
a bird or a man in a feathered suit. It was found in Illinois, 125 feet
below ground when a worker was digging a well. The geological record for the
strata in which it was found dates back to between 50,000 and 410,000,000
years ago. Yes. you read that right. 50,000 to 410,000,000 years ago.

If this coin is not a fraud then it must either A) call into serious
question the nature of dating items via strata or B) call into serious
question our notions of human civilization. Quite a few other artifacts were
found at a similar depth in the same area, including boat parts, hatchets,
pot shards, etc lending credence to the idea that it's not a hoax.

                                            - Jordan

* "What lies behind us and what lies before is are small matters   *
*  compared to what lies within us."   - Oliver Wendell Holmes     *