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Re: Roslin Chapel "corn cobs" and "aloe" images

>Well, I don't know art of that age from a hole in the ground, I do admit
>that. But the pictures located at
>are hard to explain any other way.


Are you serious ?  Is this your evidence ?

Please get real ! You certainly don't know the 
art of that age from a hole in the ground.

These are obviously merely linear decorative work found 
all over carved buildings in Britain and most of Europe.

It is nonsense to suggest these are corn on the cob.

I suppose any round knobbly carvings are potatoes.

Let us get back to a real investigation of the Voynich 
manuscript. I must confess I find it annoying when people 
post nonsense like this onto a serious interdisciplinary 
discussion group composed of  people who have thought 
deeply and struggled with the best of their intellect and 
experience to read the Voynich manuscript. For me 
such nonsense detracts from and diminishes the 
achievements of this group.

Coins dating back to 50,000 years ago ! Oh no! These were 
no doubt dropped by the green men from Sirius B who were
on Earth genetically modifying sea slugs to make 
human beings as an experiment in evolution. 

Totally exasperated !

I despair of people's ability to think clearly nowadays !

Adam McLean
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