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Re: VMS -- Botany, A Daunting Quest

Hello Adam,
   I may be able to gain access to Stanford and/or Berkeley libraries. The
Huntington library is to far away and requires academic credentials. I
agree with you completely on the current limitations of the interenet for
this type of analysis.

Best Regards,
Dana Scott

Adam McLean wrote:

> Dana F. Scott wrote :
> >Those of you who may have access
> >to these herbals and a botanical/ herbal inclination may be interested
> >in pursuing your recommendation. I would certainly be delighted to be
> >able to study the historical manuscripts. Unfortunately, I am working
> >under serious limitations here.
> Dana,
> Do you not have access to a good University library ?
> Do try and find a University library near you that you can visit
> and see facsimiles of the early herbals.
> Your intense research using the internet reveals the limitations
> of the internet for undertaking research into source material.
> In the scholarly world (particularly in the domain of humanities,
> history, etc) the main sources for information are books not
> web sites.This may change in future but for now  we have
> to rely on printed  books. Web sites are often useful in locating
> something which one otherwise would not have found, but
> books are the main sources for research.
> I, and I suspect many of the members of this group, would
> welcome your insights into the parallels between the Voynich
> herbal section and the various ancient herbals.
> If you wish please write me off the group and I will try to assist
> you by suggesting ways in which you might get access to
> facsimilies of these herbals.
> Best wishes,
> Adam McLean
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