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RE: Roslin Chapel "corn cobs" and "aloe" images

> ----------
> From: James Comegys, Madera
> Sent: 	April 2, 2001
> To: 	Jordan C. Lund
> Cc: 	voynich
> Subject: 	"real investigation"
> > Let us get back to a real investigation of the Voynich
> > manuscript. 
I competely agree that we need to get a body of solid evidence.  For
example, the Stolfi concordance or the earlier Mik clarke concordance are
invaluable for checking out the distribution of certain words.

I would like to see something so simple as a "letter map" that shows the
occurrence of each letter on every page-  this way we could asess if a
particular scribe or informant is the author of a particular page.  A "word
map"  is another good addition- I believe we already have it for some words;
the hold up is our definition of word.  :Likewise an accounting of every
instance of a sun or solar motif would be useful, or of a particular glyph,
or each nymph, etc.  This is the way to go.

I am currently exmaining all the sequences "preceeding" the little word
"ol".  I have finished examining all the words that "commence" with EVA
"qo".  I have also examined the occurrences of EVA "daiin".  It is possible
that some insight may come of the data.  I wish we had more studies that dig
into the details of the VMS-  it is my speculation that the document itself
will reveal its origin to one who has eyes to see.

If you would pick some detail or word and examine it throughly and in
detail, that will be a help to future scholarship.  If we all did likewise,
we would soon finish, I think. IMHO.

Best regards,
Jim Comegys, Madera