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Re: Roslin Chapel and other matters

With regard to Big Jim's solution - I notice he hasn't taken me up on my challenge to identify the plant labels.

Excuse me...you said ..
"Would it be possible to point Big Jim toward a VMS image with labelled plants? I think this would be an ideal test of his method."
This was not directed at me. I found it insulting that you would talk around me.

 And from a look at his page, I notice
he's now "decoding" his texts by rearranging the letters therein.

Excuse me again... Maybe I missed something along the way. Where does it state in the Voynich Master Decoder Key Book (that you seem to be the author of) that such a thing can not be? Please direct me to the page of decoding rules.
The problem with a completely logical mind, is that it is trapped within its own parameters of logic. The brain has TWO hemispheres. Space laughs as hard at logic as logic laughs at space. But when space and logic work together, nothing can be hidden for long.

My Newbold parallel is looking better and better.

I await YOUR results...

Oh. And I can change windshield wiper fluid, too.

My closing remark is simply this. I was told that by doing what I was doing I could ALSO get "these" results or "those" results. By using the word "ALSO", you now incorporate my work in the total of all possible.outcomes, (whatever those outcomes might possibly be), using this method.
I have stated that it is a mathematical impossibility for a context to continue the way it did for the length of time it did. Which includes jumping 60 odd pages (or whatever) to a picture I looked at and seemingly identified, and the first sentence on that page that I translated.

Oh and by the way, with regards to the Sphinx question Dan brought up that some thought was funny.. the Sphinx has a human head because it was recarved...period.
Whatever modern values you give to it in its present state, are of no authority. If you wish see Aquarius, then see it in its proper latter day context. The time period, one half of the Great Year, coincides with the return of the next Superwave.