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Re: Genghis Khan

>>the script that Chingis Khan appropriated in order to write the languages 
of all his conquered nations.<<

This would be the 'Phags pa script. According to Leonard W.J. Van der Kuijp 
writing in _The World's Writing Systems_ - ed. by Peter T. Daniels and 
William Bright, Oxford 1996 - a book that will set you back the better part 
of a hundred bucks but should be on the readiest shelf of every language nut 
- "Although 'Phags pa was originally conceived as a script for Qubilai's 
[Kubla Khan's] multi-national empire, its use during Qubilai's time and the 
Yuan dynasty as a whole (until 1368) was sporadic at best. Documents 
surviving in it include epigraphic material, official tablets and seals, and 
some printed texts, mainly in Mongolian and Chinese...while discontinued 
elsewhere, it remained in use in the Tibetan cultural area...as an ornamental 
script and on seals of high ranking dignitaries and religious hierarchs."

Bob Richmond
Knoxville TN