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Re: Plan of Attack

Gabriele Ferri wrote:

> Just an idea: Marco Polo didn't write himself his book, but he told his
> story to a man who met in prison. Could that be a problem for your plan?

	I don't think so, if the fellow who wrote it was a native speaker or at
least good.    

	I looked on the Bibliotheca Augustana:


	There are several names for the XVth century.  Examples of Christine de
Pizan and François Villon are given, but these are all poetry.  Prose
texts for the others might be available, although I don't recognize any
of the other names.

	As for Marco Polo's secretary... the 13th century is listed as Old
French.  Old French had a strong syllabic stress, so documents in that
stage of the language, such as La Chanson de Roland, would not be