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Re: Glasgow University -- Voynich, Ashmole, McLean

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From: "Dana F. Scott" <dfscott@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>It is interesting to find reference to Mr. Voynich, Ashmole, Lunaria,
>and Adam McLean all at the same website concerning the Ferguson
>Manuscripts. Coincidence?

Well, Voynich *was* a collector of rare books, Adam McLean *is* the world's greatest student of western alchemy, Ashmole, as I recall, did have pictures of lunaria...  I'm not sure this is even a weak synchronicity.  ;-)

	Incidentally.  I haven't followed the Lunaria discussion too closely, but D'Imperio thought that alchemy might be the key to understanding the VMs. She showed two images from Theatrum Chemicum Brittanicum (I think), and one was the picture of a Lunarium.  She said that these images were about the only thing she had seen that looked like VMs images.