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Re: [Fwd: Toresella]

Dana, for shame! People who take LSD and so forth are  *not* addicts!  We generally take our acid but rarely, and, if we are wise, with a great deal of thought and planning. And the "drug" in
question is Niacin, which every good tripper keeps in the pantry. It's a bit disappointing to have to bail out though....

> >     "One really has to wonder about the strong fascination contained
> > in this message from the past where Master Ghino [who commissioned an
> > alchemical herbal that Toresella discusses] would have us believe that
> > someone was held prisoner of a spell by the herb 'ghalias retiuola':
> >
> >     'Whoever has anointed his hands with the lotion of this herb, then
> > touched whomever he wanted, would obtain from that person any favour
> > that he might like.
> >
> >     'And in that way he would obtain much friendship.
> >
> >     'And he would cause peace and concord between enemies.
> >
> >     'And he who would wash himself with it would drive away the thief
> > from within himself.'"
> >
> I am reminded of a story told to me by a CPR instructor concerning a
> drug that EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians) can give to individuals
> who have overdosed on a certain hallucinogenic drug. The drug they adminitered
> to the addict would instantly and completely nullify the effects of the hallucinogen.
> Curiously, however, they found that the addict might become irate since he had
> just blown his wad on his illicit narcortic and was now robbed of his brief visit to
> Valhalla. That's what he would probably call a bad trip.
> >
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