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Re: Enochian

Jim Gillogly <jim@xxxxxxx> wrote:

>"steve ." wrote:
>> I was wondering whether anyone knows if there are any scholarly papers
>>on John Dee's Enochian.
>> Also, I would appreciate hearing people's views on whether or not
>>Enochian is a real language and whether anyone has
>> discovered any cryptographic structure in it.
>Donald C. Laycock did a thorough job on these questions in his
>THE COMPLETE ENOCHIAN DICTIONARY A Dictionary of the Angelic language as
>                    Revealed to Dr.John Dee and Edward Kelley

Laycock's book is a fine thing for what it is, and does answer (at least to
my satisfaction) the question of whether or not Enochian is a "real"

However, it is neither a scholarly paper on Dee's Enochian records, nor
does it address in any useful way potential cryptographic elements in the

Deborah Harkness' recent book "John Dee's Conversations with Angels:
Cabala, Alchemy, and the End of Nature" is a scholarly study of Dee and
Kelly's records of actions with spirits.

If you can possibly find it, Christopher Whitby did a Doctoral thesis on
the original spirit diaries in Sloane MS. 3188, published in two volumes by
Garland Publishing in 1988.

Another scholarly work on Dee which may be useful in understanding what the
Enochian materials may actually be about is Nicholas Clulee's excellent
"John Dee's Natural Philosophy: Between Science and Religion".

There is also a forthcoming collection of essays edited Stephen Clucas,
from the Dee Colloquium held several years ago.

Best wishes,