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RE: Fw: Character n anomaly

Nick wrote:
> Before the GSH, I often stared at the pattern of the gallows
> characters on
> the pages, trying to take in the overall gestalt by focussing through the
> page (not quite autostereopsis, but on the way). A pattern I noticed on
> several pages was a vertical line of various gallows characters indented
> about 5-8 characters in.

This is very nearly what first led me to look at the gallows differently -
It was several years ago, and I'm not sure - but it certainly had a
code" sort of visual pattern.
Also: I had a look at the Capelli gallows - and to me it looks like even
spacing markings...
Also: Stolfi found ultra-regularity in the token length distribution. This
may be explained
by a probability rule for insertion of NullSpaces.