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Re: Astrological symbols... decoded!

>Yet more AAH implications to chew over:-

>(1) The four characters at the centre of f57v (the ring diagram) could
represent the four seasons? That might make for interesting cribs for the
associated labels. :-)
Another possibility which I think is similar could be the four cardinal
directions (North, South, etc..) the four elements (Fire, water, etc), the
four winds..  Etc..  From what I know about astrology and alchemy, these
things usually correspond closely with each other.

>(2) The picnic table(s) might well (visually) map to Libra (thanks Bernd
for the suggestion).

>(3) Single standalone characters within the text might be interpretable
as VMS characters but as raw astrological data. There may be horoscopes
embedded within the VMS, which (in turn) may allow us to date the VMS!
:-)   On f57v, the 3rd & 4th rings look suspicious in this regard... :-/
Maybe they could be cartesian coordinates, or some kind of a numbered grid
location.  Kinda like latitude and longitude. Anyone know how astronomy
uses these kinda systems? My own knowledge is lacking.

-Zach Owens