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Re: AAH: EVA qo = Jupiter? (cont'd)

At 01:42 08/10/01 +0200, Bernd Neuner wrote:
In the 4th ring on f57v there is a Scorpio-like sign (EVA avvn) between
the suspected "letters" for Capricorn and Venus. Given the frequent
occurrence of "an" and "al", we cannot exclude the possibility that
sometimes two EVA letters stand for one astrological symbol:

Also: look at the column of single characters on f66r - the 11th is <EVA ain>, which is fairly strong confirmation that it should be read as a single astrological symbol.

The column is 34 characters long, and some kind of pairing structure appears to be evident at first - EVA o and EVA y as the first two items, and they often precede gallows etc - though this deteriorates as the list goes on.

So: the column's length (34 = 17x 2) may indicate a structural link with the 17 x 4 ring on f57v.

Note: in that same column, we see many of the rarer astrological signs from the ring diagram repeated: like the quincunx-like (Jupiter), and the (f57v version of) Virgo and Libra. Yet these don't appear in the text to the right of it - and there are only 32 lines (33 if you count the straggler at the very bottom of the page, though it would seem unlikely).

It's possible that this page holds some kind of 34-state dictionary: 17 possible positions on the f57v ring, and the final pair selected between by one of two prefixes (say, EVA o and EVA y). Just a thought.

There *may* also be relevance to the fact that the 15th and 16th characters in the column are both <EVA f> yet the second is drawn with a terminating loop. Hmmm... not sure.

Tantalisingly, on f57v, there appear to be 33 words or single letters on the 3rd ring in: 36 on the 4th ring in: and 53 on the outermost ring - all ~close~ to being multiples of 17. Perhaps they are all multiples of 17 if you can work out the right way to count. :-/

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....