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Re: No numbers in the VMS

Hi Dennis,

        I don't remember where it is, but in the VMs there's a
diagram of a circle with 5 degree increments marked
out.  Each 90 degree quadrant has the 5 degree
increments marked with the same sequence of VMs
characters.  These seem like good candidates for VMs
numbers.  Surely someone remembers where this diagram

f54v: http://highway49.library.yale.edu/PHOTONEG/zoom/z361/z3610554.jpg

The "17 x 4" ring is the one that I (in particular) think represents planets and signs. 90/17 = 5.294 degrees... but what significance the number 17 has I don't know (...yet...). :-)

Also: the VMS author's seeming inability to use a straight-edge, or to construct properly concentric circles, or to divide circles regularly would seem to argue against his having learnt trigonometry or geometry. :-/

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....