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[Fwd: Voynich MS Gerry Kennedy]

Here is a copy of my recent correspondence with Gerry Kennedy.

Dana Scott
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Hello Gerry,
     I will be glad to assist you in any way that I can; however, I have
only been studying the VMS for one year now and still consider myself
quite the neophyte in this enigmatic endeavor. While I believe that a
number of the botanical plants in the VMS have been identified, there is
a great deal of study and investigation that needs undertaken to
understand why this group of plants was selected. Deviations in the
drawings from the living specimens are a bit puzzling. Once the majority
of the plants have been identified, it may be found that they can be
grouped into toxic, edible, and medicinal categories. The curative
properties of the medicinal herbs may also provide clues. Learning that
some of the plants are found in South Africa and Australia is quite
interesting. You might want to join the Voynich discussion group if you
are not already on the distribution list and discuss your plans and
ideas and share in the accumulated knowledge of theVoynicheros. I would
be very interested in receiving a copy of your Oct 4th BBC radio prog.
Thank you. Let me know how you would like to proceed with what I have
learned so far concerning the herbal section of the VMS. Is your book
going to focus primarily on this section of the manuscript? I am still
in hot pursuit of further identifications of the plants; however, this
process has slowed somewhat in recent months. Did you obtain a photocopy
of the VMS from Beinecke while you were there? I currently live in Santa
Clara, California with my wife and 3 children.

Dana Scott

Gerry Kennedy wrote:

> Dear Dana,You may remember I contaced you back in the Summer re a BBC
> radio prog I was making on the VMS. It went out on OCT 4th, (could
> send you a copy if interested - it's a bit lightweight for the VMS
> circle!) I'm now moving on to do a book on the VMS and would like to
> explore the herbal section more - do you have any of your research
> available or any interesting avenues that might be worth pursuing,
> (any credits to you of course)? Hope to hear from you. Best wishes
> Gerry

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