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Re: Not the VMS but: a second Phaistos disk???


I succumb to the temptation.  It's a Forgery!


1.  It is not printed; it's hand carved.  Why go to
the trouble of making a set of type and then not use it?

2.  It's drawn very badly, with lots of short lines and
gaps.  That suggests the author didn't know the
set of symbols, but simply copied them.

3.  In some places, characters are set vertically
one above another.  To get the Phaistos groups,
you have to read the lower character first.  This
is counter-intuitive and is not a feature of the

4.  The probability that a second disc would be
a copy of teh first, or even a near copy, seems
infinitesimal.  And if it were a copy, the probabbility
it would not have been printed in the same way as
the original is near zero.

Just my random thoughts - Robert