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Steve Ekwall's ES & 8am...

Hi everyone,

A quick thought: here's one possibility for what Steve's ES meant when saying that 8am meant "back two and splice" - it may be no more than a simple way of hiding doubled letters.

	-->	LING	PEL	8am	(ie, "back two and splice")

This could also be applied to numbers (however they're actually encoded):-

	e.g.	100
	-->	0	10	8am

Or, it could be used as a way of obfuscating otherwise common strings:-

	-->	SPEARE	SHAKE		8am
	or	EARE		SHAKESP	8am	(etc)

Finally, if true, it would seem likely that there would be a few rare situations where you would need to do a couple of 8am splices consecutively in order to avoid doubled letters - ie, z y x 8am 8am - which is a phenomenon that does occur in the VMS, but might otherwise be difficult to explain.

OK, it has a bit of an ixnay pig latin feel to it: but if our contextual dating of 1450-1480 is even moderately accurate, I think we're more likely to find many simple codes joined deviously than one humungously complex code that's born 100+ years premature. :-)

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

PS: I haven't tested this even slightly, I thought I'd post the idea while it was fresh. :-)