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Re: Ancient number-encoding formats...

Hi everyone,

More obscure Greek number-encoding formats mentioned here:-


What I find most interesting is that (in the main system, at least), they used three extra characters: stigma (or digamma), koppa, and sampi.

I find stigma interesting - it looks like a kind of ligatured sigma and tau - because of its resemblance both to the "Tironian et" and to the "looped picnic table".

This came up via the history of tachygraphy, which I was pursuing because of the VMS' alphabet's quill-friendly nature. Of course, the Holy Roman Empire decreed that shorthand was "necromantic and diabolical" - but they would, wouldn't they? :-)

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling......

PS: The Porphyrogenitus Project (at the Hellenic Institute here in Surrey) has, over the last 9 years, been compiling a database of Greek shorthand abbreviations (currently 4500 of them) - basically, a Greek Capelli. I'm hoping to get a look at this to see if any of the cipher alphabets I've seen (including the VMS) appropriated Greek shorthand symbols... will post here if/when I do.