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Voynich Ms. list administrivia

Quite a few people have joined the VMs mailing list since the last set
of introductions.  I think it would be in order for those doing active
research or who have projects in hand waiting for a free moment to take
a moment to summarize your approach and introduce yourselves.  Please
also post your favorite websites and other resources so that new people
can spin up as quickly as they wish.

As a reminder or two: messages for the whole list go to voynich@xxxxxxxx,
administrative requests go to jim@xxxxxxx, and do not send attachments or
HTML to the list -- because of the threat of viruses and other nastiness,
it's easier simply to eschew active mail and instead substitute pointers
to websites with the desired information.

	Jim Gillogly
	Sterday, 2 Yule S.R. 2002, 23:51, 2 Imix 19 Mac, Fourth Lord of Night