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Voynich - anything I could contribute ... ?

Thank you for putting so much of your time into the intriguing voynich
mailing list. I've been reading the old (zipped) mail for 2001 and I am
fascinated by all the different views on the subject.

I don't know if I could be of any use, but I live in The Netherlands and am
able to visit the Royal Library in The Hague. I could look up some sources
of information if needed. I understand they have a large esoteric

Today I looked at their catalogue and I saw they have this one: * Kraus, H.
P. Catalogue 100. Thirty-five manuscripts: including the St. Blasien
psalter, the Llangattock hours, the Gotha missal, the Roger Bacon (Voynich)
cipher ms. New York: H.P. Kraus, 1962 * Should I try to make a color copy
and post it ? Or are these pictures already widely distributed ?

I also have some basic knowledge of the Perl programming language and I
could write or review some scripts.

I don't have the knowledge to do any direct research on the manuscript. I'm
no linguist, medievalist or cryptographer but I could research further into
two subjects - forgive me if I walk into dead ends:

1) The possibility that the manuscript is written by a schizophrenic artist,
like the Swiss artist "Wolfli" (I have to look up my references) - whose
drawings and cosmological writing are unlike the manuscript, but still have
a strange "resonance" with the Voynich ...

2) I saw a book on the "history of botany" in our library and it refers to
many old herbals and includes lists of identified and *unidentified* plants
from the manuscripts. Maybe I could do a frequency count of the species and
then we might get a shortlist of plants that should be included in *any*
herbal. - This is somthing like the work of Dana (identifying plants from
the Voynich) but in reverse - making a list of plants that *should* be in
the Voynich.

Well, hope I didn't waste your time ...

Petr Kazil
Urban Adventure in Rotterdam