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Re: VMS -- Botany (f21r) Rupturewort

   Thank you for your corroboration and vote of confidence. I too am impressed
by your dedication to this enigmatic project of discovery. What we learn as we
make progress is most interesting and well worth the effort, even if somewhat
frustrating at times. Keep up the good work.

Happy New Year To All!

Dana Scott

Nick Pelling wrote:

> Hi everyone (and Dana)
> I should say that this looks like a rock-solid identification: rupturewort
> was known to Dioscorides (I believe) as Empetron - please correct me if I'm
> wrong, it's my #1 crib for this page :-) - as I think the name (H)erniaria
> was Linnaeus' doing.
> Most relevant of all is the fact that only rupturewort's above-ground parts
> are thought to have any useful effect - and f21r is one of the few pages in
> the VMS where the root-system isn't laboriously drawn out in detail.
> Excellent work! :-)
> Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....