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Hidden numbers/letters in first quire...?

Hi everyone,

Am I going crazy, or are there numbers and letters hidden in the diagrams on the CopyFlo prints?

On f1v, left stem, second dark leaf in from the left, there's a "5".

On f2r, bottom right leaf, base of the third point, there's a "6".

	On f2v, base of the flower at top, there's a "2" (and possibly a
	smudged "W" above it).

	On f3r, about an inch and a half from the top (and just a touch
	to the left) there's a weak-looking "9".

	On f3v, on the second leaf up on the left, there's a weak-looking
	"7" (underlined?)

	On f4r, right hand stem, base of flower, there's an "F" (and
	possibly some writing just above the root - "T O r")

On f5r, as the bottom of the flowering part, there's an "L".

Please check these for yourself (though some of the above are more immediately obvious than others). Note that the "5" is clearly not from the same hand that did the foliation.. make of that what you will. :-)

I thought that was it: but found two other possible examples from the rest of the VMS:-

	On f27r, there could be some writing on the main three-leaf set,
	about an inch up between the centre and right leaves - but too
	indistinct to make out satisfactorily.

On f28v, is it "s U" neatly written right in the centre of the flower?

However, all the above observations are based on the CopyFlo print, so my confidence in them is rather less than 100%. :-/

Does anyone here have access to higher quality film prints of these pages? It would be great to know more definitively if these do (or don't) exist.

Thanks, .....Nick Pelling.....