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Re: EVA Transcription

Hi GC :-)

WoW Thanks for the BREATH of FRESH AIR!!

 you wrote (snip...)
  ...I believe
 I protested against the "parsing" of the Voynich script into the minute
 characters that have become the signature of this site.  The EVA project was
 in full swing, and as much as they attempted to incorporate my specific
 objections, nevertheless the project seems to have reached its own personal
 objectives, and on a congratulatory note I applaud anyone reaching their
 intended goal.
......(end snip)

eva for this newcomer (me>?) has been a nightmare! but, I thought I
had to "LEARNtalk IT", to talk vms to the others.  

The only problem is I want/NEED to have FULL Characters of the
penmenship of the Scrib/author to help show it as it is! (appears)

My pursuit (attack) is only "mechanically" folding of a VMS KEY!
But for others using eva, you/me/we now need an EXTENDED EVA or at
least a character by character data base as COMPLETE Character. as:

eva t

     | | 
     | |
     | |
     | |


     |       )
   / |
  C  |
BOTH are obvious completed letters of the vms scribe! 
Admittadly, others here may not follow my direction on the ~folding
key~ but, "it would sure be nice" - IF I could point to a complete
character and call IT _something_ (rather than XyZYxx parsed pieces). 

Being new here myself, I missed the debate mentioned, but I for one
VOTE FOR "what you SEE" is what "WE?" call IT! (as math symbol(s)!

Hope that makes sense to all (others)
Best to you and yours (ALL) :-)
steve (thanks again) ekwall

No offense(s) to anyone/anywhere - it's SIMPLER then one thinks!