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Re: EVA Transcription

On 2002.01.14 05:10:25 +0000, GC wrote:
> No offense against Jacques intended, but the Voynich is a cryptographic
> manuscript, not a linguistic endeavour, and to follow his guideline is to
> mislead yet another generation in their quest.

But the nature of the manuscript is one of the greatest unanswered
questions.  Whether the manuscript is encrypted plaintext, plaintext in
a natural language, or a nonsense hoax remains undecided, and in my mind
highly debatable.  My personal gut reaction to the manuscript is that it
is nonsense text, a hoax possibly designed to extract 600 ducats out of
an unwitting buyer.  But if I say "the Voynich is a nonsense manuscript,
not a linguistic endeavour", I'd better have some hard evidence to
back myself up.  Until then, it's just a theory, an avenue of research,
a direction to investigate, nothing more.