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re: EVA Transcription

Hi everyone,

A second and third point rather quickly.  2- fonts are nice for
visualization, but when that font is composed of strokes instead of units,
the problem hasn't gone away for the counting and exercising of theories.

UIVMM, I don't think anyone here (apart from the guy who thinks EVA is actually Hebrew?) particularly believes that the underlying alphabet is an EVA-style strokeabet [*], so - as you point out - we actually have two separate problems:-

(1) Visualization
Sorry to say it again, but EVA would be good for shared visualisation (ie communication)... if only we could use it on-list. As it is, it's a bit like owning a dog and having to type "bark" yourself. :-)

Or do I mean "I3/\RI<"? :-9

(2) Counting and exercising of theories
Whatever transcription you use, you'll need an intermediate programmatic stage to convert it to your underlying alphabetic theory du jour (mine changes every few hours). But if you're going to perform your analysis stage programmatically *anyway*, adding a simple search-and-replace preprocessor isn't such a hardship, surely?

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

[*] if you have a better word than this for a stroke alphabet, please say. :-)