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re: EVA Transcription

16/01/02 11:02:30, Nick Pelling <incoming@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>A second and third point rather quickly.  2- fonts are nice for
>visualization, but when that font is composed of strokes instead of units,
>the problem hasn't gone away for the counting and exercising of theories.

No, it has not, but there is no way out. Think of "minim" as written
in medieval manuscripts. It looks like this: |||||||||| (which is
also muium, if muium existed, or nununi, if nununi existed, or inunu, or...)

Think of "nennen" written in German. It looks like this:

/ / // / / / / // / /

It all comes back, as I wrote in my other post a few minutes ago,
to the segmentation of continuous text into its meaningful 
components. Still unsolved. Just like the VMS.