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Enfoques divergentes

17/01/02 09:45:35, Francisco Fernandez Gonzalez <ffernandez@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>¿Es posible que pueda aplicarse un enfoque divergente: sin teorías
>lingüísticas ni herramientas estadísticas?


Theories are only generalizations of knowledge. When we apply
linguistic theories to the VMS, we hope that they will throw
light on it, because they were able to throw light on other
texts. When they do not, as in the case of the VMS, it only
means that the linguistic theories we have are insufficient,
or even just plain wrong.

As I told the New Scientist reporter, our failure at
deciphering the VMS is only a sorry indictment of

1. the state of linguistics (if you believe as I do that
   the VMS is plain text, or a simple substitution cipher)


2. the state of cryptology (if you believe that the VMS
   is a cipher).

And that is precisely what makes the VMS so very 
interesting and worthy of study.