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Re: Could f17r be fennel or RX ??

Hi Dana :-)

Could f17r be a RECIPE??  Rx or otherwise??

 3 (parts) to TOP
12 parts (leaves)
 2 filtrations or 2-3 (tuber) process'
then ROOTs etc..in sun day counts??

<you wrote:> 
    Yes, I understand that there can be an argument for similarities;
 however, I personally would not choose Fennel at this point. A
 cousin perhaps, but not Foeniculum vulgare. If it were later
 determined that this plant was indeed Fennel, then I would have to
 say that the scribe of the VMS probably had "something else" in mind
 than a botanically accurate description of Fennel,......
 <snip>.... "quotes" on "something else" are mine -=se=- sorry :-)?

 No botinist here, but a hobbist Bre_d (manna)
dough maker BAKER!  I can't COOK (ha.haa) but I can BAKE UP a STORM!
and I love to keep my "Living Yeasty Beasty's WARM! :-)) !!" A must IF
you BAKE! I _ALWAYS_ follow recipes here!! - so, if you'll excuse this
simple and naive question (or pointer to ANSWERs?) thought... PLUS
Bread is FOLDING/ KNEEDED over and OVER (since PRE-Bible times!)

Noting that THE PLANTS in the vms ALWAYS are ~WEIRD~ and to me too,
seem grafted, ODDLY ATTACHED? of others etc.. 

(also I'm sure someone else HAD this thought first - not me) But per
ES showing me "f35r" [specifically] and now that I have a complete
FULL COPY?, in the Yale CopyFLO (thx to Nick Pelling!:-)  AND lately
(since Christmas - trying Baking/Making HOME-BREW "Perfumes") on my
own -- MY Question(s) IS:

Could these (to me OBVIOUS) CROSSED? BRED? SPLICED? GRAFTED? ,type
PLANTS be a CODED recipe of sorts???

"f23r" - comes to mind 1st as a BEST example?  the CROSS-CONNECTED
branch(s) seems like a simple "JOIN _IT_ ALL TOGETHER" RECIPE! :-) 

In "f23r" read top to bottom (PLANT first drawn on page - then
charcters ADDED after drawing /btw bakers have ALWAYS stated in a
recipe FIRST - WHAT you will NEED! THEN 2nd "HOW to put IT Together").
Thus the PICTURE (recipe?) before the script? .. it's a woman thing??
THEY (women) generally see/look at what "I HAVE" be they START 
anything.. we MEN say " I WANT a Nice Steak or SALAD whatever and try
to make/GET  it!  H*ll don't ask me - I just married one (ha.haaa)
anyway, (ask your wife or a woman ??) 

"se's little BAKEIT/ RECIPE of /Plants on f23r?"

2 (parts?) of the top flower (you name IT!)
   mixed separately (ground/gotten/for    recipe)? per picture
Steep/SOAK? BOTH in seperate containers (see splice/Grafting root)

now ~Careful~ unless you can make your own Gravy (which women seem to
KNOW?) you must first ADD a LITTLE of the HOT juices to the dry powder
(flour? whatever ANY ground pulp stuff) BEFORE you INCLUDE it to the
REST of the "expected mixture". (stops the Lumps in Gravey for those
that ponder this steps oddity). The RIGHT SIDE of PLANT is the juicer!

Back to f23r recipe..........
 The right side of this plant (see another "doubler BRANCH") so the
right side gets MORE attentions - TIME? Sunlight? Stirring? etc...
COMPLEX ALCHEMY for any day, but COMMON in BAKING since the Beginning
of TIME!?????
 9 to 9 leaves - with Double on the right? recipe?? (less connection)
then, 6 days? soak? bake? distill?, sun, bury? etc... (mixed now)
NOTE the  TWO sides are "combined" (middle) BEFORE the root - CUT!!
                 TWO (2) TIMES (per split root)

I hear the making of GUNPOWDER is 'seperated' until FINAL MIX?

anyway- Q1: What is the MOST COMPLEX PLANT you have found in the VMS??

Most Rx (ancient>? old days?) was soaking in liquid's or later
distilled (arabs did this first)... the MIXTURE of all ingredients was
all important! follow the RECIPE etc..

 f35r would?/could? be a simple mixture 1+1 with 2? (root) things done
to it?

others like "f22v" would be much more laborious in the (Root) recipe?
like lots of TIME or Distillation REDO's ??

Just an idea?... while I hate the Eva chop-chop of characters - I
wonder if this CHOPCHOP of a PLANT(s) and recipe numbering would help
you make better sense of a given page?

Best to you and your
steve (PLANT(s) a recipe?/mixture?) ekwall