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Re: Another explanation for dain daiin...

Hi Gabriel and all :-)

you wrote:"
 Gabriel Landini <G.Landini@xxxxxxxxxx>
 <snip most>
 There may be some <ii>, <ee>, but the "entire alphabet"?
 Then "word" sizes would not be words at all and so they could be phonemes or 
 syllables as suggested in the past -- I can imagine Jacques and Stolfi getting 
 ready for the pizza :-)
 <end snip>"

FOLDING KEY (3 by 3 then "9") per 1 KEY - the ENGLISH alphabet is NOT
VMS but will allow all Letters and numbers PLUS MORE! You could still
have 81 ~SWAP~ characters for ANY Gallows figure...
  Actually, "I" think it's kind of a nasty CODE as the C_C's doubles
it (but NOT the Character pointer - just the preceding c.c.c's etc// 
on pointer, 
and the  C <-reversed C (pointing LEFT not eva#?)
       C   C

Actually TRIPLES IT!!! ... thats Easy enough but Duplets is as hard as
it gets (per ES). C
                C   C
not eava#? character but seen throughout - vms?                   

keeps one ? vms decoder/reader "hoping back" going back? changing
back! to THREE (3) KEY PAGES .... Here I too SENSE and SEE and FEEL a
Second SCRIBE (at least two (2)).. they (scribes) FLOW differently
with the CODE, but it still is OK if you follow the FLOW of the KEY.

But more than THAT it can REDUCE LETTERs in a WORD etc..
There is a point! Point FRom! and a POINT TO! with the gallows..

In reverse (mirror writting vms) you can INCREASE Letter(s) FLOW all
you like too.. (point HERE, Point BAck, POINT FROM) numbers or letters
in ORDER are suspect.... I know of /NO REASON per ES/ that it is MORE
complicate or Complex than that!

The FOLDing 3 3 9 key(s) can handle easily ANY alphabet/numbers (upto
81)! ... I now search the ~weird~ and unique GALLOWS that abound like
starter page 42v etc...

Best to you & yours
steve (beyound my english range :-( ekwall

PS.. final ~caution~ - while the FOLD looks like a SIMPLE 
"Tic.tac.Toe" board design - the gallows still POINTS to its internal
square (area) so it IS NOT a "swap code~ as such. Its 3 levels DEEP!
ALL characters, ALL NUMBERS, ALL whatever's.. so SEE following or
preceding character! (before you hike/shift) KEY(s) pages .. the C_C's
is just FLIP curent KEY(s) page!
PSS - I can bake a ~pretty good~ pizza from _scratch_ myself!
 May all here have FULL stomachs! -=se=- :-)

THE GALLOWS are a "KEY" (THE key? 1 of 12 keys? H*LL I DON'T know
here)..per ES etc.. :-\