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And now for something completely daiin

  O Daiin, Daiin!  Wherefore art thou Daiin!
             -- Shakespeare

           Daiin, Daiin, Daiin Dominus Deos...

                 -- the "Sanctus" from the Latin Mass.

    Tiger got to hunt,
    Bird got to fly;
    Man got to sit and wonder, "Daiin, daiin, daiin?"
    Tiger got to sleep,
    Bird got to land;
    Man got to tell himself, "I understand."

              -- Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

                             SEBUN SEBUN SEBUN!
                             Shedy, shedy, shedy! 

                             SEBUN SEBUN SEBUN!
                             Shedy, shedy, shedy! 

                             HARUKA NA HOSHI GA FURUSATO DA
                             A distant star is your birthplace, 

                             URUTORASEBUN FAITAH SEBUN
                             Ultrashedy, fighter Shedy, 

                             URUTORASEBUN SEBUN SEBUN
                             Ultrashedy, Shedy, Shedy. 
                                  -- "Ultraseven" theme song

            E votre meilleur copain
            Au lieu d'avoir du chagrin
            Il se marre et vous traite de
            doiin... doiin... doiin...

            Ah, comme la vie serait daiin,
            daiin, daiin, daiin,
            Ah, comme la vie serait daiin,
            Si l'on ne pouvais pas chanter.

                  -- Boris Vian

   Daiin, daiin, daiin, daiin give up.
       -- Winston Churchill.
                   Puer natus in Bethlehem unde gaudet Jerusalem
                   Dain, dain, dain, dain, dain; quam dulcis est dain
                       -- Anna von Köln (~1500)

                  E okeedy okeedy felice 
                  più in alto del sole ed ancora più su
                  mentre il mondo dain dainy spariva
                  lontano cthor.
                    - Okeechy, or or,
                    - Cantare, or or ar or!
                    Nel blu, dipinto di blu,
                    Felice di stare ckhor.
                           -- Domenico Modugno

           Okedy qokedy chor:               With a qoky qoky here     
           The mouse ran up the clock;      And a qoky qoky there     
           The clock struck one,            Here a qoky, there a qoky 
           The mouse ran down,              Everywhere a qoky qoky    
           Okedy qokedy chor.                                         
                                                 (Author unknown)     
                -- Mother Goose

                        Daiin, daiin-d'amour vannée,
                            Jamais fanée,
                        Le rouge-fin est ta couleur,
                            O fausse-fleur!

                              -- Tristan Corbière

          the stain of love 
          is upon the world!
          Daiin, daiin, daiin

               -- William Carlos Williams

                        Le occhette nel pantano
                        Vanno daiin daiin daiin:
                        Tutte in fila come fanti,
                        Una dietro, e l'altra avanti.

                           -- Italian nursery rhyme(*)


    O daiin, daiin, daiin amid the blaze of noon,
    Irrevocably daiin, total eclipse
    Without all hope of day!

            -- Milton, /Samson Agonistes/

                                  Oh, sheey.
                                  Dain, Spot.
                                  Dain, dain, dain.
                                          -- Zerna Addis Sharp

          There was a young lady from Clyde
          Who ate a green apple, and died;
          Her lover lamented,
          The apple fermented,
          and made daiin oldaiin oldaiin.

                   (Prudently anonymous)

All the best,

--stolfi 8-)

(*) (One of my earliest memories is Mama making me recite this to a bunch 
of generalized aunts.  I may forgive her some day. 8-)

Posted FOR FUN PURPOSES ONLY. No taking offense without written permission.