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RE: vms <--> english dictinary

Bom dia Stolfi,
you got it! I could weven enhence the fun with constructing a sort of
"grammar" of stem words and different endings. With this we could produce a
tighter mapping to the source.The result will be nevertheless nonsense, but
shoulb be even more readable.
Have fun

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	Sent:	Wednesday, January 23, 2002 6:44 PM
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	Subject:	Re: vms <--> english dictinary

	Hey Claus, that is fun!

	If I may play that game too, here is another "dictionary decoding"
	the VMS, but using the words from Nicholas Culpeper's Herbal (each
	assigned to a Voynichese word of same frequency rank):

	    # Fun "deciphering" of the VMS
	    # Tokens mapped to English by voyn-to-engl-fun.tbl
	    # (word lists paired by frequency ranking).
	    # Last edited on 2002-01-23 15:15:11 by stolfi