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Voynich Manuscript

Dear Dr. Hajic,

    I am a student of the Voynich manuscript and have been attempting to
identify the botanical drawings in the VMS. It appears that you
sponsored a Voynich project with Tugba Onal Suzek at Johns Hopkins
University; however, the web site


seems to have been shut down, perhaps because it is still under
construction or maybe Tugba has left Johns Hopkins. I understand from
your Home Page


that you are no longer at Johns Hopkins and was delighted to learn that
you are a member of the faculty at Charles University in Prague.  I
participate in an excellent discussion forum (voynich@xxxxxxxx) on the
VMS which you may be interested in joining. For some time now there has
been an interest in identifying Georg Baresch who was acquainted with
Johannes Marcus Marci (both corresponded with Athanasius Kircher). Thank
you for your interest in the Voynich manuscript?

Dana Scott
Santa Clara, CA