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Re: Diringer's "imprecision" and copy(-daiin) was: intercultural artefact

 From: Gabriel Landini <G.Landini@xxxxxxxxxx>
 On 26 Jan 2002 at 20:33, Jacques Guy wrote:
 > Perhaps, and perhaps not. It's just another shot in the
 > dark. I am more puzzled by the distribution of v, iv, and
 > iiv, which never occur word-initially. Likewise, I don't
 > remember gallows occurring word-finally.

Word-finally gallows would be to me (just as rare), as side by
side, _not common in vms_ also.
But THEY, just like the Rare (3 cases?) of "gallow BY gallow" ExIsT?! 
  I know nothing of this relationship per ES.. the FOLD (as told) per
ES is pointing to the NEXT or pointing to the FOLLOWING KEY CodePage.
Else "IT IS SIMPLY" the Letter ITSELF on the _Current_ KEY PAGE!

(sigh) :-(
 Admittadly, IF I delcared THERE IS a "space" in the above mentioned
gallows, Then I would have to conclude the following gallows is a
LEADING GALLOWS (all too common) and/OR the First is an ENDING gallows
(rare but there).. 


One thought that occurS? is one Could WritE (NoT CapitoL LetterS) but
PointerS IrresPectivE of It's PositioN and StilL be v e r y ReadabLE??

SidEBySide gallows to be included too..

as well as an endingG
                    ^  gallow(S)'s....  :-) ?

Then the (gaLLowS) positionING would BE truly irrelavant!!!!
 [(within it's given matrix) & (i'm still working 3 by 3)]

BUT, I agree it would be RARE to STOP a Thought or Sentence MID-STEAM! 
The ES Gallows are capable of that! (else they point to KEY Letter).

When I see a "gallows" - I prepare to 'Hike/Shift' "something?", as
something is about to change.  Albeit, I don't know what :-(( 
It's either a coded letter or heading to ANOTHER coded (3x3) KEYPAGE.

hope that helps someone?
Best to you & yours
steve (still "mechanically" FOLDING the ES key) ekwall

PS "Folding key" doesn't rely on distribution, so much as where you
are AT / at the time, AND where you are going with word or sentence.

 >iT Is simPly At thE WhIm of the scRibe eTc.< --example