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Herbal books

Dear all,

the herbals that were recently mentioned on the
list are of course well worth a browse, as
they are all either beautiful, interesting or
both. These are, of course, the books that Voynich
and all subsequent researchers have looked through
in every detail. The hand transcription of Petersen
shows clear evidence of this.
Some researchers were reputable botanists themselves,
so one must be careful not be be too excited about
the prospect of making great discoveries in these

A good textbook on the history of herbals and
herbal medicine would help a lot too. I can think
- Blunt & Raphael (also mentions the VMs)
- Agnes Arber
- John Riddle: Quid pro quo

Alas, I have to admit that I haven't seen any
of these myself...

All the best, Rene

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